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  • Calorias: 
    45 kcal
  • Grasas: 
    1 gr
  • Hidratos Carbono: 
    6.24 gr
  • Potasio: 
    190 mg
  • Fibra: 
    9 gr
  • Magnesio: 
    30 mg
  • Calcio: 
    44 mg
  • Vitaminas: 
    28 mg
  • Proteinas: 
    0.8 gr


In the rosaceae family, of the genus Rubus, the Blackberry is a fruit which is variable, which can be tapered, cylindrical or rounded, consisting of an aggregate of drupes, glossy black coloration when they are ripe. The difference of the fruit with regard to the raspberry, in addition to the greater size and color, is that the mora is collected with the enclosure of the inflorescence, which is edible, while in the raspberry this receptacle is in the plant, with only the addition of drupes. Another difference with respect to the raspberries is that the plant is usually present stems more robust and with presence of spines, although there are varieties without thorns.
The use of various varieties such as Ouachita, shaper and Arapahoe, different planting dates and the importation of fruit Mexico allows us to supply the markets with this product from october to July.

Nutritional Value

in addition to its attractive presence, aroma and flavor, the mora is an excellent source of antioxidants, vitamin C and fiber. About 85 % water and 10% of excellent sugars (glucose and levulose). Are a good source of fiber and have a high content of antioxidants and vitamins. Are a great contribution to the antioxidant rich in natural pigments such as anthocyanins (flavonoids) and carotenoids, and also pterostilbene, compound produced by the plants in response to the fungus and ultraviolet light. Within the vitamins include vitamin C and its contribution to the upper that possess some citrus fruits. They are also good source of vitamin E, vitamin A and group B (niacin, thiamin and riboflavin). Minerals: potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium, manganese and zinc. The blackberries, moreover, they have natural acids (chlorogenic, ferulic, ursólico and malic acid) with anti-cancer properties.

Consuming Blackberry

can consume the natural, with ice cream, yogurt ... Traditionally used in the preparation of ice cream, sorbet or jams.

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