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  • Calorias: 
    50.8 kcal
  • Grasas: 
    0.20 gr
  • Hidratos Carbono: 
    10.3 gr
  • Potasio: 
    194 mg
  • Fibra: 
    1.9 gr
  • Magnesio: 
    8.78 mg
  • Calcio: 
    7.95 mg
  • Vitaminas: 
    11 mg
  • Proteinas: 
    1 gr


In the rosaceae family, the genus Prunus, the peach is a fruit of epidermis thin, which generally presents hairs, with tones from yellow to red, fleshy mesocarp (pulp) and endocarp lignified endocarp, 'bone' in whose interior is the seed.
Depending on the variety may appear bones parties. We can do two classifications depending on the type of pulp; For his adherence to the bone: -of soft meat, if the pulp can be seen easily from the bone -meat lasts, if the pulp is tightly adhered to the bone, (varieties type pavia) by their color: -white pulp. -Yellow pulp. It should be noted within the peach (Prunus persica) the variety nectarine (Prunus persica var. nectarine, Prunus persica var laevis) that is a variety in which the skin is smooth, without hairs or roughness, of soft flesh.

Nutritional Value

The peach, in addition to its flavor, it is very appreciated for its high content of vitamins and fiber.