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Coop. A. H. de Cartaya 'Cartayfres'


Tabla Tecnica

  • Nº Registro: 
  • Nº Socios: 
  • Superficie: 
    330 Hectáreas
  • Produccion: 
    110 ha. fresa 20 ha. frambuesa 3 ha. mora 10 ha. arándanos
  • Localizacion y Contacto: 
    Carretera Tariquejo km 1 Cartaya, Huelva 21450 Tel. +34 959 391088 Fax. +34 959 391 102

Coop. A. H. de Cartaya 'Cartayfres'

Cartayfres is located in Cartaya, in the Province of Huelva. The population of the city is around 18000 people who have developed a good fresh produce industry, thanks to the new irrigated crops. the city's economy is based on agriculture and tourism.

The cooperative consists of 73 members and we have to add 16 employees that can reach 120 employees during the peak of the season.

Cartayfres has always been linked to the farming of strawberries but, during the last few years, The cooperative has branched out into other kind of fruits such as nectarines, persimmon, raspberry, peach, blueberries and blackberries.