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S.C.A. Costa de Huelva 'Coophuelva'


Tabla Tecnica

  • Nº Registro: 
  • Nº Socios: 
  • Superficie: 
    512 Hectáreas
  • Produccion: 
    215 ha. fresa 240 ha. frambuesa 17 ha. mora 40 ha. arándanos
  • Localizacion y Contacto: 
    Camino de las Colmenillas, s/n Lucena del Puerto, Huelva 21820 Tel.+34 959 360 136 Fax.+34 959 360 150

S.C.A. Costa de Huelva 'Coophuelva'

This cooperative is located in Lucena, in the Province of Huelva. Lucena del Puerto is one of the pioneer in the farming of strawberry and raspberry in Huelva. With a population of  3,000 people the main economic activity of the city is focused in agriculture.

Nowadays, 67 members belong to Coopehuelva. Most of them have raspberry fields (240 hectares) and strawberry ones (215 hectares) although the farming of blueberries ( 40 hectares) and blackberries ( 17 hectares) have been incresing in the last years.

For this activity to be possible, the cooperative have a permanent staff of 30 employees which is increased in the peak of the season up to 250 employees.