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S.C.A. Nª Señora de la Bella 'Cobella'


Tabla Tecnica

  • Nº Registro: 
  • Nº Socios: 
  • Superficie: 
    1.389 Hectáreas
  • Produccion: 
    1.070 ha cítricos, 125 ha fresa, 15 ha frambuesa, 10 ha mora y 4 ha arándanos
  • Localizacion y Contacto: 
    Avda. Blas Infante, s/n Lepe, Huelva 21440 Tel.+34 959 383 162 Fax. +34 959 383 693

S.C.A. Nª Señora de la Bella 'Cobella'

Cobella is located in Lepe, in the Province of Huelva. The population of the city is around 26.000 people. The city's economy is based on agriculture and tourism. The name of this cooperative is due to the name of the virgin of the location which is `Virgen de la Bella´.

Cobella consists of about 164 members and 26 employees during the year but this number can be increased during the peak of the season (250 employees).

Its production is very well shared between, Citrus Fruits with 1070 hectares and strawberries with 125 hectares are the main lines, but in addition to these, they have growers members of persimmon (50 hectares), plums (45 hectares), nectarines (817 hectares), raspberry (15 hectares), blueberry (4 hectares) and peach (3 hectares)

100% of its commercialization is made through Onubafruit, although it counts with its own brand Cobella, still in use.