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Freslucena, S.C.A.


Tabla Tecnica

  • Nº Registro: 
  • Nº Socios: 
  • Superficie: 
    66 Hectáreas
  • Produccion: 
    55 hectáreas de fresa, 9 hectáreas de frambuesa, 1 hectáreas de mora y 1 hectáreas de arándanos.
  • Localizacion y Contacto: 
    Camino de Bonares, s/n Lucena del Puerto, Huelva 21820 Tel. +34 959 501 318 Fax. +34 959 501 319

Freslucena, S.C.A.

Freslucena is located in Lucena, in the Province of Huelva.

It is the smallest of the cooperatives of Onubafruit, it only consists of 5 Companies with 12 growers each ( aprox.)

Freslucena counts with 3 permanent employees during the year, and it can have up to 200 employees during the peak of the season.

The main crop that Freslucena has is mainly based in the strawberry with 55 hectares. It also has hectares of raspberry, blackberry and blueberry.